Exploring Spontaneous Expression

A vast freedom exists outside the confines of our critical minds

If you are reading this, you are alive. To be alive is to be creative! Nature leaves no one out of this mysterious dance. When we create we use our natural intuitive intelligence — always present in every moment.

Empty Canvas workshops are for those looking to explore what is original and alive inside your creative nature. Whether you are a trained artist or if you haven't picked up a paintbrush since you were five years old and everything in-between, to paint without judgment and rediscover the freedom to invent with your own aliveness is irresistible.

This workshop opens all painters to:

Discovering your innate power to create allows you to let go of old habits and systems. Breaking through creative blocks gives you back the freedom of true spontaneous expression. Through a method of self-inquiry to question whatever stops the brush from moving, participants uncover their authentic painting expression. Fears and painful critiques that may have blocked the creative urge can be used as the key to unlock hidden and magical wonder through form and color.

Painting as a process is a practice that brings inexhaustible discoveries in all areas of life. The multi dimensions in which we all live — the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our being — unfold as we paint what we need, always freeing ourselves from what is not real and cracking what is not true.

I've never met anyone who doesn't want to create! Using a rich array of bright tempera paint, paper and fine quality brushes, you can dip into that creative flow again. Giving ourselves the gift of painting without having to live up to expectations, and letting go of product for the joy of true expression, is to explore the act of creating in an intimate way.

Empty Canvas workshops invite spontaneous expression in a supportive and safe environment, stimulating free play and self-realization. Artists, educators, counselors, business leaders, parents and seekers of all kinds can benefit by revitalizing their intuitive creative juices.

Come and join me for a great exploration into the mystery of our lives. A place where you can paint without outside pressures and feel the connection and aliveness in your heart. A place where your natural given creative intelligence has room to invent and play. No prior experience is necessary, just the willingness to be surprised.